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Ex Factor Guide

The Ex Factor Guide 

By Brad Browning 
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Disclaimer: This is not intended be used as a substitute for professional advice. Individual results may vary.

The Love Hormone

People often wonder how come two romantically involved people can be so infatuated with each other and so happy together at one time, but then turn into bitter enemies later on? Is it possible to turn back the clock and go back to the way you were? Could you bring back your ex?

Although humans have a special place in the animal kingdom, many people seem to forget that humans are even a part of it. They are distracted by the technology, the clothes, the buildings…from the fact that we too are animals of a kind; everything we feel and think are just manifestations of physiological and biochemical processes, established by our evolutionary heritage.


One such process is believed to be a key component when two people fall in love with each other – the release of the hormone oxytocin. Also known as “cuddle hormone” or “love hormone”, oxytocin could create emotions of connection and intimacy for your partner.[1][2]

Naturally, after a period of time, oxytocin’s production diminishes and all you are left with are other elements of foundation of your relationship – memories, commonalities, long-standing friendship, communication skills, knowledge about each other…

Disclaimer: This is not intended to be the final word on the subject, but merely the author's perspective.

The 3R System

Anyone who has tried the conventional methods, like sending flowers or notes, understands that they rarely work. They address the rational part of the brain, more than the emotional part of the brain that triggers the physiological responses. To resurrect your relationship, trying to reignite that part of the brain that produces the love hormone may be an alternative approach.

In order to help you bring your ex back, the Ex Factor Guide relies on 3 crucial techniques, or short – the 3R System, where the 3R stand for:

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.

Meet Brad Browning

Brad Browning

Brad Browning, the creator of Ex Factor Guide and a relationship coach, specialized in the worst case scenarios in relationships – divorce and breakups. He lives in Vancouver, Canada, where he has dealt with hundreds of issues plaguing men and women in relationships; he helps them salvage their broken relationships and heal their broken communication channels in order to halt and reverse breakups.

Besides the Ex Factor Guide Brad also authored Mend The Marriage, his other best-selling relationship program. In his spare time Brad offers personal coaching to a select clientele.

Brad is present in various online dating media such as and, where he gives his advice on general conflict resolution, dating, relationships and divorce.

What You Will Learn

Here are some of the small subsets of each 3 phases you will discover in the Ex Factor Guide:

*Disclaimer: Individual results may vary.
Ex Factor Guide
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